YU-GI-OH! (YGO): Machine Re-Volt Structure Deck 1st edition

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Gear up for victory w..

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Gear up for victory with Structure Deck: Machine Re-Volt!

Full of mighty mechanical monsters, this Deck is the only place to get Yugi�s awesome Gadgets and all-new Ancient Gears.

Each 40 card Deck is ready to play, and includes a rulebook and Dueling Guide with sweet combos to get you rolling. With 12 new cards in all, this Deck is a must have for any Duelist!

Feature Cards

Green GadgetYugi�s Gadget monsters were the key to defeating the Pharaoh in their final Duel, and now you can use them in your Deck! When you Summon any of the three Gadgets, you get to add another to your hand. Keep the assembly line rolling and your opponents running!

Ancient Gear Engineer

The newest addition to Dr. Crowler�s Ancient Gear arsenal. �Ancient Gear Engineer� clears away your opponent�s Spell and Trap Cards, allowing the rest of the Ancient Gear army to advance without fear!

Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon

Combining the mysterious technology of the Ancient Gear monsters with the Gadgets creates this mechanical monstrosity! Upgrade its power by Tributing Gadgets to Summon it and watch the sparks fly!

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